July 22, 2016 – Stats Maintenance
Posted by todd on 22 July 2016 07:31 AM

[7:30 AM EST] – We’re doing some maintenance on our stats systems today, during this time stats processing is paused.  We’ll update this post as the work progresses.

[10 AM EST] – Stats processing has been re-started at this time, we’ll update this post when stats processing is fully caught up.

[2:30 PM EST] – At this time stats processing is fully caught up and continues to run normally.

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July 21, 2016 – Upload Issues
Posted by todd on 21 July 2016 12:52 PM

[12:50 PM] – We’re experiencing issues uploading to one of our cloud storage partners.  This will result in uploads failing at the ‘processing’ step.  We’ve opened a ticket with them and will update this post when we know more.

[1:15 PM] – We believe the issue has been resolved, we’ll continue to monitor the situation.

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Publishing Issues
Posted by todd on 16 July 2016 09:25 AM

9:25AM EST – We’re aware of and are investigating issues with episodes and content not being properly published and released. We’ll post an update when we know more.

[UPDATE 9:45AM EST] – We have episodes releasing again now, there is quite a backlog though so it may take a little while to catch up.

[UPDATE 10:20AM EST] – We’re about halfway through the backlog of episodes at this point.

[UPDATE 10:35AM EST] – We’ve now finished processing and releasing the backlog of episodes.  The releasing processing is running normally again at this time.

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July 6, 2016 – Upload Issues
Posted by todd on 06 July 2016 05:13 PM

[5PM EST] –We’re seeing upload issues to one of our cloud storage partners.  This may lead to the ‘processing’ step during uploads to be extremely long and possibly error out.  If you need to get your file up ASAP we’d recommend uploading via FTP.  Otherwise please bear with us as we have reached out to the cloud storage partner in question and are waiting to hear back from them.

[7PM EST] We haven’t seen any upload failures to our cloud storage partner for approximately the past 10 minutes.  They have since confirmed that they believe the issue to be resolved.

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Upload Issues
Posted by todd on 25 February 2016 02:44 PM

2:45 PM EST – We’re currently aware of issues with uploading and have temporarily disabled uploads while we look into the issue.

UPDATE 3PM EST – The provider where our main storage devices are is experiencing some network issues, we are currently trying to route around the provider causing the issues.

UPDATE 3:10 PM EST – We’ve re-enabled uploads at this time and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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Stats Processing Paused
Posted by todd on 21 January 2016 12:36 PM

12 PM EST – Stats processing is currently paused while we perform some maintenance on the processing systems.  We’ll update this post once processing has been restarted.

3:45 PM EST – Stats processing is still paused, we’ll update this post again in a few hours with another update.

8 PM EST – We’re still working on getting processing back up and running.  We’ll continue to post updates, we appreciate your patience.

January 22, 10 AM EST – Stats processing has started again, we apologize for the extended delay.  We will update this post throughout the day until stats processing has fully caught up.

2 PM EST – Stats processing has finished processing all logs from the 21st and is now working through today’s backlog.

8 PM EST – Stats processing is still catching up and is currently about 75% through the backlog from today.

January 23, 8 AM EST – Stats processing has been fully caught up for several hours and continues to function normally.

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